Wire EDM Machines

Mitsubishi FX-20
  X-20", Y-14", Z-12"
Mitsubishi 110-SA        
   X-12", Y-18", Z-11.5"
Mitsubishi FX-10  
    X-9.8", Y-13.75", Z-7"
Mitsubishi DWC 300HA
    X-19.6", Y-39.3", Z-18.25"

Ledford Engineering has utilized wire EDM technology since the late 1970s. Our four Mitsubishi wire machines are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. We can cut steel up to 18.25" thick, weighing 1250 lbs., with an X and Y travel of 19.6" and 39.3" respectively. 

Small hole EDM Drill

    X-13.6", Y-9.8", Z-9.0" 


Tryout Presses

Cleveland 500 Ton - 4 Point
    60" X 118" Bed Area 10,000 lb. Rowe Uncoiler
    42" Air Fed Straightener/Feeder
Cleveland 250 Ton SSDC
    42" X 68" Bed Area
    18" Coil Cradle and Feeder
Webb W4-100 50 ton OBI

     We try out every die we manufacture. During the die approval process, our customers are able to witness the die operation in a simulated production environment. This ensures the die is trouble free and smooth running. 

     During the tryout process, we utilize our Mitutoyo coordinate measuring machines and various other measurement equipment to inspect stampings. We supply part inspections as required by our customers.

     The presses at Ledford Engineering are primarily for tryout purposes only; however, we have made them available for customers on an emergency basis. 


CNC Machining Centers

Johnford DMC 2100H
    X-80", Y-50", Z-31"
    40 Position Tool Changer
    VMC Bridge Machine
Johnford DMC 3000
    X-118", Y-59", Z-31"
    60 Position Tool Changer
    VMC Bridge Machine
Mitsui Seiki VR5A
    X-42.5", Y-25.6", Z-24"
    30 Position Tool Changer
Fadal 4020
    X-40", Y-20", Z-20"
    30 Position Tool Changer
Hurco VM10i
    X-26", Y-16", Z-20"
    20 Position Tool Changer

Hurco VMX42i

     X-42", Y-24", Z-24"

     20 Position Tool Changer

Inspection Equipment

Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex C
    Measuring Range: X-28", Y-40", Z-24"
Various Dial Bore Gages, Height Gages and Risers, Granite Surface Plates, etc. 


Surface Grinders

     Mattison - 24" X 48" X 24"
    Mattison - 24" X 72" X 36"
    Chevalier - 16" X 30"
    Chevalier - 12" X 24"
    Chevalier - 16" X 40"
    Reid - 6" X 18"
    Harig - 6" X 12"
    Chamfer Grinder 

Jig Grinder

     Moore#3 - 11" X18"

Cylindrical Grinder

     Jones & Shipman INT./EXT.
         10" DIA. X 27" 

Heat Treatment Equipment

Electric Heat Treat Oven
    Atmospheric Control
    14" X 18" X 24" Capacity 

Jig Boring Equipment

SIP HYDROPOTIC #6 - 28" X 40"
Moore #3 - 11" X 18" 

Milling Machines

OKK MH-5VS Vertical
    25 HP, X-88", T-18", Z-20"
OKK MH-4V Vertical
    20 HP, X-78", Y-20", Z-20"
OKK MH-5PS Horizontal
    25 HP, X-88", Y-18", Z-20"
Cincinnati "Toolmaster" Vertical
    9" X 49" Table
Abene Universal 

Drilling Equipment

Polmaco - 7 ft. Radial, 20 HP
Ikeda - 5 ft. Radial
Fosdick - 4 ft. Radial
Drill Press 


Hardinge HLV-EM 10" X 20"
Bridgeport-ROMI 16" X 40"


Doall Vertical - 26" capacity
Doall Vertical - 16" capacity
Doall Horizontal - 12" x 20" capacity


13 jib cranes up to 6,000 lbs
10 ton overhead bridge crane


ATC ESRT40 - 4,000 lbs capacity

Hyster EH60 - 6,000 lbs capacity

Caterpillar TD150 - 15,000 lbs capacity


Chevy 2500 HD - 3,000 lbs payload capacity

Freightliner FL70 - 28,500 lbs payload capacity